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Hi everyone, after the successful addition to the meditation section on the site, I thought it time to introduce some more videos for you to check out. I find guided meditation much easier for beginners due to the fact that you do not have to structure your meditation yourself. Contradicting that, meditation is about practising being in the present with no obstructions or distractions, however, I find that guided meditations can offer you lots of different benefits depending on what style of guided meditation you go for.

In this post you will find another 4 videos that I would strongly recommend you try out. Just make sure you find yourself a good spot to meditate, whether it be seated or laying down. Just make sure that you are likely to not get distracted by anything outside of your space and that you feel 100% comfortable in your surroundings. Remember this is you time, well deserved you time at that, so just make sure that you enjoy this and also make sure that you allow yourself to start feeling relaxed. Start off by taking some really deep breaths. This will start relaxing your heart, preparing it for the lovely experience you are about to have.

This video outlines positive affirmations, it involves listening and repeating certain phrases spoken during the video. It makes use of our self talk mechanism in order to improve, heal and strengthen our psyche.

Clearing negativity. This video will assist you in eliminating any negative thoughts you may have about yourself. It helps you to self realise who you are and what you are capable of.

This video will help to connect you to your higher self. Your eternal self. Always enlightened and always there for you. It will help you to feel reconnected if you are going through a bad time or just feel out of sync with your higher self. Enjoy.

This Video will allow you to reconnect with your inner child. It creates a euphoric and heart warming experience where you meet yourself as a child and spend some time with it. Exploring what has hurt the child over time, and finding a way to heal and get forgiveness for what has happened to it.

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