Yoga Positions for beginners

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There are lots of benefits to yoga, click HERE to see them. If you are now thinking, oh, I’d quite like to give yoga a go, however, I don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place. There’s going to be yoga positions for beginners given below as well as a little routine given where you can string these positions together.
The information provided here is very basic, but it should be enough to get you started and on the right track to becoming a Yogi. There are going to be 4 main positions here. For each position you want to be holding it for at least 14 seconds taking a big breathe in for 4 seconds, holding for 2 seconds and breathing out for 8. After you have completed the series of the 4 positions, repeat the process another 3 times, so you perform each position 4 times. This yoga routine should take around 6 minutes.

The starting position is called childs pose, this is one of the most simplest of poses and acts as a nice back and shoulder stretch.Childs pose

From child’s pose you are going to transition into Cobra pose, this stretches out your back by arching it as far as you can with your arms extended and locked. cobra pose

Moving from Cobra pose, it’s time to hit the downward farcing dog. Keeping your arms locked and feet where they are, allow your bum to raise up of the floor. Stand on you tip toes so you are on the front balls of your feet. Try to hold your body so it is at a 90 degree bend. You should feel this position stretching out your hamstrings. down dogAllow your bum to lower and rest your knees on the floor, you should now be on your hands and knees ready to being the cat cow positions, these positions are a shift between each other, the cat position is a curved back with a high belly, and the cow position is an arched back with your bum stuck out. Switch through these positions two times each for this before moving back to child’s pose.

cat pose< Cat Pose cow pose < Cow Pose

Now you have the moves down here’s a quick breakdown of the routine:

4 Circuits of: Child’s Pose > Cobra Pose > Downward Facing Dog > Cat Pose > Cow Pose > Cat Pose > Cow Pose

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