Working On Your Feet

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Working in retail or hospitality, you can find yourself spending a lot of time on your feet. As with most things there are pros and cons to this.

Working on your feet will put more of a strain on your body than when you work in an office. Standing up requires the activation of core support muscles, also the pressure from your body weight is distributed amongst your feet. Extended periods of time spent working on your feet will lead to the development of aches and pains. In order to help prevent these aches and pains.


It’s important you look after yourself by ensuring: Your posture is correct, slouching can lead to poor posture and uneven distribution of weight, be sure to rest your feet after spending a long time stood up. Massaging yourself and elevating your feet will promote a swifter recovery.

Be sure to stay alert and aware whilst you are working on your feet. Watch where you are going all the time. You don’t want to walk into anything or anyone. It sounds simple, however, some people don’t give this attention.

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The benefits of working on your feet are mostly physical. You are on your feet all the time, this means that you are constantly exercising and burning energy. In that respect it’s great for getting rid of the extra calories you may have sneaked at lunch time. Standing up and walking around forces your brain to constantly keep working, you are less likely to get tired or distracted if you are more active.

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