Why You Need A Gym Buddy

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Whilst going to the gym, it’s super beneficial to have a partner to go with. There are simply too many reasons to not go to the gym without a partner. That is of course if you can find one. 

Exercise is great, exercise with other people is awesome. When you go to the gym with other people or workout as part of a group, it adds a different dynamic on to your workout. It opens up the door for conversation, external feedback, competition, spotting and much more. I’m going to expand on this, to show you why you need a gym buddy.

  1. Motivation: Going alone, some days you may find your motivation lacking, you may not have the drive to drag yourself to the gym. If you have a gym buddy, you are much more likely to keep going to the gym on a regular basis. You may also feel motivated to lift more in order to keep up with or get stronger than your partner. This is healthy competition. Your partner may egg you on to push more by shouting encouragement whilst you perform.
  2. Feedback: It’s difficult to look at yourself in the mirror on every exercise you do. With a partner you can gain adequate feedback on the exercises you are performing. It’s so important to get the right technique when working out. The external feedback from your partner can make a huge difference.
  3. Lift bigger: On your own, you are less likely to push yourself further and increase your lifts. This halts your progression. With a partner you have the dynamic of competition and wanting to lift bigger, this will push you to progress faster, not only that, but your partner will be able to spot you when you are pushing yourself beyond your known limits. Having a spotter you can comfortably attempt to lift more.
  4. Conversation: Speaking with people improves your social health. Speaking with your gym partner will enable you to learn new things about health and fitness and improve the relationship between you and your partner. It’s a win win for both.
  5. Regulation: Not all people allow themselves enough recovery time between sets, more so, some people allow too much rest between sets. Rotating between you and your partner will allow you both to get the correct amount of rest between sets.


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