Why Leg Day Is Important

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If getting fit and building muscle is on your agenda, you will understand that it’s important to work out regularly. This said even though the quantity of your sessions may be high you may not be utilizing your time spent. Speaking from personal experience, in the past I have often skipped leg day and instead focused on something else. I have come to the realization that this was father foolish. So, why is leg day important?

After skipping leg day for a while, talking about six months here. My girlfriend started pointing out that my legs were looking smaller compared to the rest of my body. Also during this time I had not done any cardio at all either. I wasn’t really doing any exercise with my legs at all, apart from walking places. I listened to her immediately and decided it was time to start training my legs. My friend showed me this picture (see below), I promised myself I was never going to look like this. skipping leg dayNot only does skipping leg day prevent you from building even muscles all round your body, it can even hinder development of your upper body. After working out a muscle group you need a couple days of rest before training again. Simply this is because  when you tear your muscle fibres, they need time to repair. Working out on already torn muscles will only tear them more. This can also lead to injuries and put you out of action for a while.

Don’t be that guy, train your whole body. Don’t skip leg day.

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