What Is Plyometric Training?

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Plyometric training is a form of physical training that is geared around quick explosive exercises. Predominantly focused around jumping or bouncing, plyometric training will improve your strength and power.

It was introduced in the 1980’s by Russian scientist Yuri Verkhoshansky after collaboration with Russian athletes. Improving explosive power lead to further development in sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball and also martial arts.

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The main training technique was to jump off of a heightened surface to the ground, then to immediately jump up on to another surface. This forced the muscles to go from an eccentric muscle contraction to a concentric muscle contraction in a very short amount of time. This forces the body to be moved at a much faster rate than usual and trains the nerves to become faster firing.

This form of training is known as the shock method. The body was shocked into reacting faster. Other forms of plyometric training originated in the U.S.A, however these forms were not considered true plyometric. This was because the exercises were not performed always at maximum intensity.

The people who would benefit the most from this style of training are people who rely on being able to run fast and jump high/far. These two qualities can be associated with many sports, plyometric training is still implemented to this day by many world class athletes.

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