What is Calisthenic Training?

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Have you ever heard of calisthenics? Often referred to as freeletics, calisthenic training is a 100% body weight exercise routine that consists of the activation of a variety of muscles groups.

Rather than focusing on one muscle group at a time and isolating targeted muscles, calisthenics has you working out varying muscles at a time. For example you may be required to perform a muscle up. This exercise makes use of core stabilisers, the chest and also your triceps.


Naturally, most if not all body weight exercises activate the abdominal muscles, this leads to the practitioners of calisthenics to typically have very well defined six pack abs. With the exercises being high intensity, muscle mass is grown at high rates and fat loss is rapidly apparent.

I did say above that calisthenics 100% body weight exercises. This is true to an extent, however, the use of apparatus such as bars are highly important. Using bars you can perform: flag poles, pull ups, muscle ups, wind screen wipers, leg raisers, dips e.t.c. It is super important that you have fairly high levels of strength to begin with. Reason being, it is incredibly difficult to perform some of these exercises without it.


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