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Now that I have your attention, if you have found yourself upon this page I know you are already at least curious about becoming the boss of your body. Firstly, I need to make one thing clear to you. If you are looking for a quick and easy fix to shed a few pounds in no time at all, you have come to the wrong place. We cannot promise you miracles such as this, however, we do want to help you out if you’re looking to loose body fat and build muscle. We look to offer guidance in the form of workout plans, nutritional advice, delicious recipes and recommended products page. All information is at no cost to you. This is a learning opportunity for you, if implemented will revolutionize your health and well-being. Oh, and don’t worry if you can’t make it to the gym for any reason, we have included a home workout plan. Our goal is to help you help your health, but we cannot do this unless you make the conscious effort to do it for yourself. Do you want to become more attractive, live longer, or just improve your general health and fitness? Great, then be the boss of your body today and take up our 12 week challenge.

Good luck, from the Boss Body UK team!

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  1. Boss Body, the ideas sound nice, I would like to take the challenge. What delicious recipes would you recommend if I am 5 feet tall and 46kg, you know, after giving birth, I have some stubborn extra tummy fats to lose but I find it so hard. Can you break down roughly what is the 12-week challenge about?

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      Hi Jenna, thanks for getting in touch.

      First of all, congratulations on the baby! After hearing about your height and weight, your b.m.i stands at 19.7. This is a healthy weight to be at.

      Our Boss Body workout program is a 12 week plan split into 3 phases, this will include a meal plan for each phase and further information on how it works. We recommend that using the gym workout would reap the greatest rewards, but just in case one isn’t accessible we will be providing a home workout plan too.

      If you’re not happy with the extra tummy fat, this program would help you to tone up and get the Boss Body you deserve. The challenge for you is to gain your Boss Body by utilizing our program,

      There are no specific ways to target fat loss on certain areas of your body, however, you are able to reduce your body fat percentage through exercise and and a balanced diet.

      The site is not fully complete at this moment in time, but over the next 2 weeks you’ll see the site evolve, offering lots of delicious recipes and our Boss Body workouts will be posted.

      We also love to hear feedback, so when you take on our program be sure to email in with results of your progress and let us know how you found it.

      Kind regards,

      From the Boss Body UK Team!

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