Tricep Exercises

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Your triceps make up 2/3rds of your upper arm size, it’s very important not to neglect them. This post is a continuation of our other post on tricep exercises, to see that click HERE. Activation of the triceps occurs when extending your arm at the elbow (straightening your arm). Here’s a selection of tricep exercises you can try out in order to get your arms swole.

cable press down

Cable Press Downs: Using a pulling cable and the rope attachment. Set the height to maximum so that the rope hangs from above. Stand with the rope in front of you. Grasp it tightly with both hands and pull the rope down. To perform this with perfect technique, pull the rope down with hands apart and elbows stationary.

tricep kickbacks

Tricep Kickbacks: Rest one hand and one knee upon a level bench. Plant the other foot on the floor and with your free hand hold  a dumbbell. Tuck your elbow backwards so that your humorous becomes parallel to the ground and your forearm is perpendicular. To perform a rep kick your arm backwards so that it straightens making your whole arm parallel to the floor.

tricep extension

Overhead Tricep Extension: Either sitting or standing hold a dumbbell in one hand. Hold your arm straight up in the air and allow the elbow to bend at 90 degrees. In order to perform a rep straighten your arm out so it’s straight up in the air again.

close grip bench

Close Grip Bench Press: Very similar to a regular bench press. Assume the bench press form. Allow you hands to come closer together, hold them shoulder width apart. Your elbows should end up in line with your wrists and shoulders. Perform the rep by pressing the barbell upwards.

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