The Best Calf Exercises

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Want to jump higher? walk further? Become more of a boss? Cool, we looks like you’ve made it to the right place. Here, I’m going to be discussing the best calf exercises that will aid in your development. The calf muscles are amongst the hardest muscles to gain mass. You activate your calf muscles any time your foot is wiggled, try it now, hold your foot up and wiggle it round in  circle, you’ll notice it doesn’t wiggle side to side all that much, however, there’s a lot of play when pointing your foot up and down.

When you raise your foot, the muscle on the front of your tibia is activated, we call this muscle the soleus. This muscle is never really exercised much as it doesn’t really come in handy for a lot of things. Off the top of my head, I know, drummers have a much stronger soleus than the average person, using it to repeatedly lift the foot after hitting the bass pedal.


When you press your foot down, the muscle activated is the gastrocnemius, that’s the technical name of the calf muscle on the back of your lower leg. Calves come in handy for things such as: Jogging, jumping, walking in high heels, swimming. In essence, the gastrocnemius puts the spring in your step. So here are the best calf exercises.

Calf Raises: Sometimes there will be specific machines for this in the gym. If there aren’t, holding a pair of dumbbells, repeatedly stand up on your tip toes. To get a greater range of movement out of this, perform on the edge of a step, balance on a step with your toes supported on the edge and your heels hanging freely. Allow your heels to dip as far as possible then, raise yourself by contracting those calves. Get creative, think of other ways you can shift weight by extending your foot, why not try a calf press?

Jogging: Think about the movements of your feet when jogging. You never actually plant your heel on the ground, you constantly run on your tip toes. Each step you’re using your calf muscles. You may not be performing sets and reps, however exercises such as jogging and the bike are aiding the development of your cardiovascular health.

Exercise Bike: A fantastic workout for your calves and quads. Unlike jogging, the exercise bike also cuts back on the impact damage on your joints preserving them for longer.

What’s your favourite calf exercise?


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  1. There you go. I’ve just got into exercising quite recently and have been looking all over the internet to find some exercises which i can do.
    Exercising has had a really big change on my life and my health in total. I really enjoy and want to keep up the work that i am doing and continue improving.
    thanks for the great advice

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      Excellent, welcome to Boss Body UK Adam.

      If you are new to exercising, we would highly recommend you try out our 12 week challenge. It would be a great opportunity to for you to build your boss body, it comes along with a well formulated meal plan. All for free at no cost to yourself. Also why not sign up to our daily news? We would notify you every time we publish a new post, we do an average of 3 a day.

  2. Hey man,

    great post about how to grow your calves. For me my calves are weak because I do not put to much focus on them. I need to start to work them out more so they can really grow.

    I want nice looking calves and not overly grow calves.

    1. Post

      Hi Emmanuel,

      The Calves are the most skipped muscles when people are working out, as with the forearms, it’s very difficult to gain mass. To get massive calves would take a very long time, don’t be put off working them out because you don’t want them to be huge.

      To get natural looking calves at a nice size, I would advise doing more on your feet cardio, such as jogging, cycling and the elliptical machine. To develop them quicker, get on board with the calf raises.

  3. It’s funny that everyone who has small calves just likes to blame genetics. What’s even funnier is that when I train my calves, my “genetics” keep getting better LOL

    These are some great exercises to build some monster calf muscles. Another thing I’ve been doing recently that I’ve found to be very effective for growth is using a jump rope. WOOO! That’s a calf work out in its self!

    1. Post

      Hi Jay,

      You’re absolutely right! In order to develop your muscles, no matter what size you are. All it takes is hard work and dedication. We both know it’s easier said than done, however it is that simple.

      Thank you for mentioning the jump rope, it is indeed a brilliant workout on those calves, whilst making effective use of high intensity training.

      Thanks for visiting us!

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