Super Healthy Fruit Smoothie

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It can often be a struggle to know what to eat throughout the day when you are trying to eat healthy. We have covered many fantastic fruits and vegetables since the launch of the Boss Body UK website and there is no better way to enjoy your five a day, than in a tasty antioxidant rich, super healthy fruit smoothie. Here we shall list some of the healthiest fruits to throw in a blender and drink, as well as links to each one, to show all the amazing health benefits to be gained from each one you blend.


Papaya, Needless to say papaya fruit is a bit of an acquired taste and not everybody’s favourite, but for those who have developed a love for this exotic fruit will struggle to get by without digging into one of these juicy orange fleshed treats. If you have not tried papaya, add half of one to a blender, spoon out the seeds and remove the skin. Check the health benefits here, or keep scrolling to find out what to add next.

Flax seeds, they have been eaten as a food for about six thousand years and are believed to be one of the planets first cultivated foods. This super food could help to improve your chances of weight loss, help to lower bad cholesterol , prevent the risks of certain cancers, to name but a few. Add one teaspoon of flax seeds to the blender with the papaya. Click here to see all the benefits of flax seeds in detail.

Squeezed lemon juice, Lemons are a fantastic superfood available all year round, their great flavour can be incorporated into a number of meals, but there are a number of health benefits that can be very beneficial to our health by drinking lemon juice. Grab yourself two lemons and squeeze them into the blender, this will add a nice zing to the mix, click here to find out more about lemon juice.

Bananas are one of the world’s highest consumed fruits, and this is for a very good reason. This bright yellow fruit is filled with nutritional benefits. Many scientists suggest that this may have been one of the world’s oldest fruits. To date, bananas are grown in as many as 107 different countries. Throw one whole banana into the mix for a great burst of subtle flavours. Click here to find out more about this popular fruit.

To top it all off before you hit the button to get it blended, be sure to add 5 ice cubes to cool the mix and make it a sip able drink.

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