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Ever wondered what it takes to join the special forces? Or what it is that they actually do whilst training, in this S.A.S special forces workout guide I aim to cover all of this. This is focused on the British S.A.S.

Phase 1:

Part 1, Selection: During phase one the candidates are put through mental and physical tests, this is to weed out the weak and identify the strong. On a daily basis, one will be pushed to the physical limit and undergo high levels of mental stress.

Part 2, Jungle training: After passing phase one, candidates are taken to a hot  bug infested jungle to hone their survival and tactical skills that they will apply in the field.

Part 3, survival training: Probably the toughest phase out of the 3, phase 3 consists of being chased by enemy forces, being left to try and escape with only your wits to carry you through. If caught, candidates are interrogated and put through much duress.

Phase 2:

You must exercise then ruck from point A to point B and finally exercise some more, all whilst donning a 50lb rucksack sounds simple, however, it’s not easy.

75 Press ups, 75 Sit ups,  50 Pull ups, 50 four count flutter kicks,

Ruck 5km along hilly terrain with creek crossings.

75 Press ups, 75 Sit ups, 50 Pull ups, 50 four count flutter kicks,

Phase 3:

There is a 5km run with an urban themed obstacle course spanning 800m, followed by another 5km run. During the phase 3 participants are chased by enemy combatants and interrogated if captured. Evasion can be through the country side or on the edges of small towns and urban areas.

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