Sleeping Myths

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There are many does, don’ts, must, must not things to do when it comes to sleeping, but how many of them are just sleeping myths.

You need eight hours; the amount of sleep which every individual needs to function is almost as unique as ones shoe size. Some people might need 9 hours some might only need 5, hey some people might need 8. It really does come down to how your body works.

Catching up on a weekend, losing out on sleep through the week and trying to catch up on it over the weekend is not a very good strategy. Sleeping for excessive amounts of time on a weekend can significantly mess up your body clock, so try to get in to a constant routine.

Having sex at night will keep you awake, this is not true so do not deputise your sex life. When we have sex we produce the hormone oxytocin and endorphins. These two chemicals help us to relax and help to lower the body’s blood pressure, this makes sleeping easier.

Cheese gives you nightmares, some of you may be happy to know that eating cheese before bed will not give you nightmares at all, in fact eating cheese before bed can help to improve your sleep according to the British cheese board.

Waking up from light sleep, for years it has been believed that if you sleep lightly you will wake up feeling a lot less grouchy, however, it does not matter if you are a deep sleeper or a light sleeper, all that decides how you feel when you wake up is the number of hours you have slept.

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