Reasons To Moisturize

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In winter, our bodies become dryer. This is because at lower temperature, the body secretes less sebum. Sebum is important for maintaining a film on your skin that slows down the evaporation of moisture from your skin.

It’s important to moisturise to keep your skin in good condition. When trying to find the correct moisturiser you need to look for ingredients such as: cocoa butter and walnut oil. These agents, enable the film on the skin to be maintained to the maximum effect. Essentially it acts as a substitute for sebum.


Age is a big factor when considering what moisturisers to choose. Up to the age of 30 your skin is in good shape. From 30 on wards your skin becomes more sensitive and even more so at 40 on wards. Active  moisturisers  will work best for younger people. The regenerating moisturisers will work best for people around 30 and finally intensive moisturisers will work best for those who are 40 and up.


If you suffer from dry skin, you will be lacking sebum. The best type of moisturisers to treat this would be thick creamy moisturisers. However if you find yourself with very oily skin and breakouts of acne, you may want to consider a thinner liquid moisturiser. All in all you won’t want to make your skin become more greasy, so the liquid moisturisers will aid in re-hydration of the skin.

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