Proper Way To Do Squats

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Squatting, the keystone to leg day. One of the greatest exercises you can do to get your legs and bum in mint condition. This exercise is great for guys and girls alike, lets face it, we all love to see a good bum. When you squat you are engaging the thighs, hips and buttocks. Here we’re going to show you the proper way to do squats.

If you do squats with a poor technique , you run the risks of damaging your knees, back and possibly your spine. Be sure to follow the proper way to do squats to avoid hurting yourself.

To begin, make sure the barbell is balanced around shoulder height on the rack, be sure to load it up with the correct weight, We advise using just a barbell with no weights if you’ve never performed a squat before. Once your weights are on, lock them in place using bar clamps to avoid them falling off and causing serious injury.

You now want to lift the barbell off of the rack, you do this by walking under the barbell so that it almost rests on the back of your neck, grab the bar, hands spaced just wider than your shoulders. Now with an over hand grip on the bar, Stand on your tip toes and dismount the bar from the rack. standing squat

Standing legged with a straight back, hold your hips back and your chest and shoulders upright. Look straight ahead, face pointing forward.  This is your peak position.

Next you want to bend your knees down to a 90 degree angle whilst maintaining a straight back and your feet in line with your knees. As you bend your knees, start to inhale. Your breath should be primed once you stop bending your knees and have reached a static position. Make sure whilst lowering down, that your back is straight and your bum is stuck out.

bent squat

You should now be in the above position. In order to perform one full rep, you now need to return back to the starting position. Prepare yourself, as you engage your legs to press upwards, start to breathe out. Keep a flat back and that bum stuck out. Keep extending till you’re back in the starting position, repeat to complete the set. Now you know the proper way to do squats. Remember to ensure you’re breathing at the right moments.

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What’s you favorite type of Squat?  Do you think there is a more proper way to do squats? Let us know!!!


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