Preventing Relationship Weight Gain

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Relationship weight is defined by the weight in which you may gain when you enter into a relationship with someone. You may have experienced this for yourself, one minute you have all the time in the world to yourself, the next, you share every moment of it with someone very special.


As far as dating goes, after the 3 standard dates you may find yourself falling into a pattern of ordering a take away and watching (or not watching) films together (if you know what I mean). All this junk food adds up the calories, also taking extra time off the gym won’t help. That body you have been working so hard to get is swiftly slipping through your fingers, you know deep down that it’s destroying you, however you just order more takeaways to make yourself feel better. It can end in a vicious cycle.


There are a few proven methods that will aid you in avoiding this unnecessary relationship weight, today it’s my aim to deliver these to you as we learn about preventing relationship weight gain. Just to pre warn you, the last couple of suggestions are for comedy value, please don’t actually do them.

  1. Suggest healthier alternatives: Instead of just eating pizza and curries, perhaps think of healthier alternatives such as subway, or salads, burritos, chicken, steak etc. A standard trade off can make pounds of difference in the long run.
  2. Cook for each other: It makes sense that cooking with fresh ingredients, making home made meals will be much healthier for you. Try taking turns in cooking for each other, try to pleasure the taste buds of your partner, it may earn you lots of brownie points.
  3. Exercise together: They say, couples that exercise together, stay together. Me and my girlfriends started recently working out together, we’ve never looked back since. Once you are both acclimatised to working out with each other it can be really enjoyable exercising at the gym.
  4. Cut out cheese: Try a cheese ban, ban each other from cheese for a month at a time, after a month has passed allow yourselves a three day grace period to eat cheese again, after the three days are up, repeat the process.
  5. Become single again: You don’t need a partner, it’s much easier to just look out for number 1, only sissy’s have relationships, eat clean, get lean and live the dream. You don’t need to be tied down to one person go out and have fun.
  6. Stop eating: As Nickelback once said ” We’ll all stay skinny cos we just won’t eat” Indeed, just don’t eat, you don’t need food anyway, what has food ever done for you. Ensure you exercise 5 times a week whilst not eating to get the best results. This does not work in the long run, but after one week you can have the body of a skeleton, it’s just fab!!!

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