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Obliques, situated adjacent your abs, the side abdominal muscles. Well developed obliques look amazing, and make the sides of your torso look shredded. This is true, however, in order for your obliques to pop out and be visible, you need to drop your body fat percentage way down. This is similar to the way you achieve a six pack.

If you are trying to gain muscle mass, we advise that developing your obliques should be at the bottom of your priorities, developing them when your fat levels are not low enough will make it look like you have love handles. Although they look sweet when visible, they should be the finishing touches to your body build.


Finally, when training your obliques, ensure that you train them after you have finished your weight training part of the workout. Reason being, if you train obliques prior to weight training, you compromise a loss of balance and stability. Now that you have this in mind, here are 5 killer oblique exercises that we’d highly recommend:


Side Bends – Standing upright, with either a dumbbell in each hand, or a barbell behind your head. Allow the top half  of you body lean to one side as low as possible, then back to the start, finish the set then switch to the other side. Make sure that your hips and shoulders remain parallel. Don’t allow your shoulders to twist, your torso needs to be facing forward all the time.

plate twist

Plate Twist – Sit down on the floor in a peak contraction of a sit up position. Whilst holding a weight plate in front of your torso, raise your legs of the floor so they are suspended in front of you. Allow your upper body to be 45 degrees up from the floor. You are now going to twist from side to side, so that the weight plate faces the walls on either side of you. Ensure you don’t move your arms, it’s the obliques that should be doing all of the moving in this exercise.

bicylce crunch bicylce crunch

Bicycle Crunch –  Similar to the crunch, the objective of a bicycle crunch is to connect one of your elbows with the knee from the alternative side of your body. The main movement from this exercise is coming from twisting your torso, there for working the obliques as opposed to the abs.          

heel touchheel touch

Heel Touch – Laying on the floor in a sit up position , back flat on the floor. Allow your arms to rest down by your side. To perform a rep, touch your hand against you heel by tensing your obliques thus bending your torso. alternate sides during your re partitions.

wood chopper

Wood Chopper – This is one of my favourite killer oblique exercises. I’ve been told I perform this exercise whilst out at the club. Imagine you’re a lumber jack and there’s a big bit of wood you need to chop down, you need to slice it with a 45 degree chop in order to get a clean cut. You use the cable machine for this exercise, you can perform it by going from the top to the bottom or started from the bottom now we’re here 😉

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  1. this is great that i have now found for ways to train my obliques I am down to 13% body fat and just starting to see my “lines”

    My misses like most females love obliques but not too keen on love handles,

    so I am glad you suggested that these are the finishing touches would hate to have massive love handles

    1. Post

      Ah, brilliant

      Glad I managed to save you before you got yourself a hefty pair of love handles.

      Although there may be more of you to love if you got love handles, the shredded obliques look is one to strive for. I’d recommend start training obliques once that body fat is down around 8/9%. At this point your abs will be starting to pop out in a much more defined way. Developing the obliques at this point will let you see them side shreds developing.

      Good luck Steven, let us know how it comes along, perhaps you could try out our 12 week plan. It’s guaranteed to get you into a superior shape and get you that boss body you deserve.

  2. I’m definitely keeping this article in my Favorites. The picture of the ripped up guy raising his right arm has the body that I wish to have soon. Even though I do sit-ups and crunches here and there, I’m very weak when it comes to my Abs. I need to incorporate more workouts to strengthen my mid section and abs area.

    1. Hey Gilbert, have you done any core strength training? Doing static holds such as the plank and the held leg raise will train your core to be strong at holding itself. This in turn helps you to lift more on other exercises such as shoulder press and squats. Your centre of gravity is around your midsection, building muscles around this , naturally develops stability and balance and makes it easier to lift weights.

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