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Hey guys, the Boss Body UK team would like to present you with an inspirational monologue that will encourage you to achieve your greatest dreams.

The purpose of this post is not to tell you what to do, but instead share some philosophies that may encourage you to realise things for yourself and provoke inspiration.

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I myself, have always had a different approach to life compared to other people. It’s only the past few years that I have learned about my behaviour and realised the potential it has provided me. I’m not saying I’m super special or above other people. However, I have learned that my attitude and values are what has helped to develop me as an individual.

My understanding is, what I say to myself soon becomes a reality. This is my self talk. If I tell myself I can’t do something, chances are I won’t try it, or I will but won’t succeed. I have learned over time, that if I say I can do it, my chances of success greatly improve. Having the attitude of a winner or the power of self belief is something worth greater than your weight in gold. Believing in yourself and having the attitude of a successful person will get you a third of the way to becoming a success. The other thirds are resilience, not allowing this mentality to break even if negative outcomes arise. Perseverance is the final key, not giving up even if you have not succeeded many times. This can do and never let die mindset will allow you to unlock your potential. Imagine where we would be right now if all great individuals were put off from their first failed attempt.

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It’s easy to say you need this attitude, but how do you achieve it? There are a few things you an do to change your outlook in life. To keep the complexities of this at bay, I will be brief. Look for the silver lining in things, do not dwell upon the negatives but be grateful for the positives that you have in life. An example would be: “oh I can’t connect to the internet”… “however, I am grateful for the fact that I even have access to the internet in the first place.” or… “aww man they have no chilli Doritos in stock” …. “however, there are cheesy Doritos in stock. I love Doritos”. When things happen outside of your control, do not be upset over the fact that you cannot control it. Go with the flow and just accept what is or has happened will happen, and find a way for you to keep moving forward from this point. The moment you stop moving forward is the moment you start to let yourself sink. There is always another goal to achieve or new piece of knowledge to learn. Never let yourself stop learning.

My final piece of advice is focused around how you are with other people. How you treat other people and would like to be treated. My understanding is that you should treat others how you would like other people to treat you. If you want to be respected, try being respectful to other people. Manners and chivalry cost nothing, however, they can completely change the persona that you emit. It could be the crucial thing in an interview, it could be  the difference between a first date and a second.

I really hope that this posted may help you to become inspired and breathe a breath of fresh air into your life.

If you’s like to add to this post feel free to leave a comment. As always, thanks for visiting Boss Body Uk. Until next time…

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