Indoor Fitness Activities

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So in the last post we covered some great activities to do in the great outdoors, however, let’s face it the weather is a common factor which can prevent a large handful of these, especially if you are living in the United Kingdom. So with us being set on making fitness more enjoyable for everybody we thought it would be great to cover some of the best indoor fitness activities to try out.

Badminton, a great activity which can be played both indoors and outdoors, which also is another great fitness exercise that you may not even realise you are doing once you are having so much fun doing it. You may be surprised to know, that playing badminton can help to burn an impressive 450 calories per hour.

Squash, another great indoor activity which uses a ball and rackets can help to improve your hand eye coordination and can also help to increase flexibility as well as strengthening the back. Squash is also a fantastic sport for cardio vascular health and just as good at burning off some of the calories.

Indoor climbing, although previously mentioned in a post, indoor climbing is a great activity which requires you to use many of the muscle groups which are found in the body. Just one hour of climbing can burn a very impressive 500-900 calories per hour; however, this is dependent on how long you rest before choosing your next climbing route. In our opinion climbing is one of the best activities to take part in and is a great workout which we replace for some of our cardio days with from time to time.

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