How To Workout On Lunch Break

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If you struggle to fit in a workout any time of the day, then the best time to do it might be on your lunch break. A quick lunch time workout can help you to feel more awake and it is still better than no workout at all. Here we shall take a look at how to workout on lunch break.


Short and sweet, be sure to keep the workout short, ideally you want to do interval training as it can be done without a gym. An interval workout can help to burn fat, tone muscles and help to raise your overall fitness levels. Do a nice short fifteen minutes and this will give you a good amount of time to cool off and recover before going back to work. Check out our post on interval training.

Get outside, just like we mentioned earlier, you do not need to go to a gym for an interval training workout, try sprinting between a set of lampposts then running or simply do a nice brisk thirty minute walk.

Quick cool down, just because you have done a workout, it does not mean you have to return to your job all sweaty. Try running your wrist under the cold tap, this will help to cool off the pulse points in your body.

Drying off, you may be the master at speed showering; however, speeding drying off is tricky. Wet wipes are a great way to cool down if there is no time or showers available. Baby powder is also a great option as it can help to absorb sweat, helping you to feel nice and fresh.

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