How To Stop Craving Junk Food

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We all know the feeling of craving something sweet and unhealthy, whether it is reaching for the biscuit tin or the sweet draw. Here we shall take a look at some great tips on how to stop craving junk food.


Ride the crave wave, just like the surf of the ocean, the craving for sweet junk food will flatten out. A craving will typically last 10 to 15 minutes so if you can ride it out try and do it. Tell yourself you do not need that junk. For people who struggle to fight against it, read on.

Balance your food, not literally of course. You can improve your resistance against craving for sweet junk food by keeping the body’s blood sugar levels at a steady level. You can do this by eating food that has a very low glycaemic index such as lentils, brown rice and including protein in each meal.

Eat little and often, when you eat food the blood sugar levels rise, before they gradually drop back down to their regular level which take roughly 3 hours. Try to space out your meals and eat every 3 hours. When the blood sugar levels drop, this is when the body will make you crave a nice quick unhealthy fix. If you can begin to tie eating to prevent the cravings and keep the sweet tooth at bay you will definitely reduce the temptations you have for junk. Try setting a reminder alarm every 3 hours on your cell phone.

Do you have any great ideas that help you to prevent junk food cravings?

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