How To Six Pack Abs

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It’s now officially summer, the weather is getting hot, your wanting to wear less clothes or even nothing at all. What’s more appealing than knowing that you can take your top off and feel good about yourself, getting them washboard abs out to impress the ladies (or gents). So hear I’m going to address some great ways of developing a six pack and also i’m going to de-bunk “the belly fat myth” in this how to six pack abs. 6packStep 1 – Nutrition

Before you even start to think about getting a six pack, you need to be ready to alter your diet. That means, you need to be eating the right things. Try and stay away from any baked goods or pastry’s. Try eating all natural foods such as fruit, veg, seeds, nuts, dairy and meat. To get your body fat down you’re going to have to sacrifice; Crisps, pop, sweets, cake, fried food, chocolate, high sugar/ high fat foods e.t.c. Trade off simple carbs for complex carbs (white bread for whole wheat). You’re going to have to workout hard for this, getting your diet right will enable you to get six pack abs much sooner.


Step 2 – Exercise

If you get your body fat low enough to get your abs showing, your going to want to have some abs to show off. This requires training and development. It’s important that you don”t just focus solely on your abs and nothing else, or you will end up looking out of proportion with chiselled abs and the rest of your body all floppy. You’re going to want to develop the rest of your body at the same time as your abs.

Train your abs at the end of your gym session, training them first can lead to instability and lack of support when lifting weights.

After you’ve trained your abs, leave them for at least 2 days in order to allow them time to recover.

Make sure that the majority of your sessions have high intensity training involved (at least 10 mins). Not only will this trigger your after burners and keep your metabolism to a high rate it will also keep ticking over for a longer period of time. It has been proven that high intensity training can trigger your after burners for up to 48 hours, whereas low intensity training  may only trigger after burners for up to 6 hours.sixpack2Belly Fat

I have been doing a lot of reading online recently, looking at other bloggers posts. It seems that there is a trend with people talking about belly fat and how to loose it or make it go away. I understand this is supposed to be a niche subject, unfortunately, there is no way to target fat loss on specific areas of your body. When fat loss occurs you loose fat evenly from all areas of your body. When your body needs to burn fat, it burns it all around your body in order to utilise the energy provided from it. People need to get it out of their heads that getting rid of belly fat is an actual thing. When you measure your body fat, it is taken as a percentage reading throughout your whole body. In order to start seeing you ab muscles pop out, you need to get your body fat below 9% it varies from person to person don’t be disheartened if you can’t see them at 9%, you will be very close to achieving your goal.


We hope you found this post useful, stay true to your dreams and make them a reality!


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  1. Great article, especially the last paragraph listed under ‘Belly Fat’ Can not agree to this more! A lot of people assume you can spot reduce fat but when losing weight it’s going to be overall fat loss. Great article, everything is summarised into simple headings.

    Just a general question as I’m in the same niche. What are your thoughts on ‘IIFYM’ type of dieting? (Flexible dieting) for fat loss.

    1. Hi Vinnie,

      Thanks for such a quick comment, we posted this less than an hour ago! It’s definitely a pet peeve of mine, seeing hundreds of weight loss sites hammering on about loosing belly fat, it really grinds my gears. The worst part is, people who aren’t knowledgeable will just believe them too!

      I am not all that familiar with IIFYM or If it fits your macros diet, all I know is that the gist of it is, you try and reach a daily amount of carbs, fats and protein rather than just calories. I do believe it’s a much more practical way to weight loss, as with the “old school way” people on a calorie limit would still find them selves eating the same garbage they were before, just less of it. This way you are forced to eat with limits on the types of nutrients you receive, sticking to IIFYM dieting a good way to lead a balanced diet, and you don’t have to be a huge expert on nutrition either, you just need to ability to do simple math.

      What are your thoughts on IIFYM?

      1. Jacob, your 100% right. There are a few apps available to make the whole process easier to track. ‘My fitness pal’ does a great job of this. To be honest my opinion on ‘if it fits your macros’ that it’s great to a certain extent. When calculating macros a lot of vital micronutrients don’t get considered and a lot of people assume fats is fats. But in actual fact, there are four main groups to consider while consuming these macro-nutrients.

        To quickly summarise, if ‘IIFYM’ dieting is correctly used it can make a huge difference.
        Also, energy balance will play a huge factor whether your goal is to lose weight or gain weight.


  2. Great post on how to get abs. Short and concise and to the point. You tackled the 2 major factors here: nutrition and exercises. I can’t believe that with so much info out there that some still think abs come purely from working out. Both are required to get great looking abs, but nutrition must be the foundation of it all.

    Thank you for addressing this.

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