How To Shoulder Exercises

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Do you want shoulders the size of boulders? Great! This how to shoulder exercises, is just what you’ve been looking for. In order to give your upper body that chiseled form, you need to work hard on your shoulders, they set your frame, the bigger your shoulders, the more buff and broad you will look overall.

Your shoulders are like the glutes of the arms, the size of the muscle in general is much larger than your biceps and triceps, this is good, it means it will be easier to gain muscle mass here as there’s already a fair amount to begin with.

To keep it simple, there are 2 main muscles in your shoulders, the front and rear deltoids. The front one, making up the majority of your shoulder lifts and the rear ones, assisting in most of your lifts, also being the key focus whilst performing the rear deltoid fly. Lets look at how to shoulder exercises, here we’ll show you 1 exercise for each main muscle.

Shoulder Press (Front Deltoids): start in this position, hand held at head height with your elbows pointing down. Take a big breath in and hold it.shoulder press start

shoulder press finish

Make sure you end in this position, arms fully extended upwards, breathe out.

There are alot of variations with this exercise, you can use: dumbbells, a barbell, a machine and you can perform this: standing seated or on the incline. Each one has it’s benefits and risks. Be warned of the behind the head shoulder press, this exercise is risky due to the socket of the shoulder being worked in an unnatural way, it could lead to impingement.

Rear Deltoid Fly: Grab a pair of dumbbells. Sit on a bench with your feet planted together on the ground. Have the back of your knees pressed against the end of the bench and fold your body forward so your chest is on your knees. Allow your arms to dangle down naturally by the side of your feet. Take a deep breath in and hold.

rear delt fly

To perform a rep, using your shoulders, extent your arms outwards in a backwards motion. Imagine you are trying to hold your arms out in a crucifix position. Breathe out at the peak of your rep.

We hope you enjoyed the reads on how to shoulder exercises.

What shoulder exercises do you dig?

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