How To Remove Callus From Hands

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So you’re starting to lift more in the gym, you may find your hands are becoming thicker and the skin is becoming tougher. When you get really tough parts on your hands they can develop into calluses. What you’re experiencing is the beauty of the human body making use of it’s ability to adapt to the environment. Naturally if you are exerting heavy forces on a body part, the body part will become tougher as to preserve it for future instances.callusNow, even though the development of callouses is beneficial to the individual who often lifts heavy weights, they may not be welcomed as certain people may believe them to be ugly and not really aesthetically appealing. There are a few methods you can try out in order to reduce the appearance of your callouses.

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The key is to first of all grab a shower, at the end of your shower grab a pumice stone or ped egg (grater for hands and feet) and us it to gently rub off the tough skin. Be firm but gentle enough as to not irritate the skin. Immediately you will find the tough skin start rubbing away. Be sure as to not be too rough and rub off more skin than necessary.

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Once you have finished in the shower, dry yourself off and then make sure that you apply moisturiser to the areas that you have ground away. This process will ensure that your hands are kept in top condition. Don’ forget to look after your feet. Sorting your hands and feet at the same time is the best way to utilise your time management.

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