How To Meditate Beginners

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Welcome to how to meditate beginners, if you would like to know more about the benefits of meditation please see Health Benefits of Meditating. Here I’m going to discuss ways in which you can start to meditate even if you have never done it before. It’s sounds really easy, however it’s much harder to master than you’d have thought.

To begin, find yourself a nice quiet place where you feel you can easily get zoned out and let go of your surroundings. This should be a place where you feel safe, and you aren’t likely to hear any loud noises or get distracted by anything. Remember you need to be able to focus and explore your mind, so any stimulus from the environment around you may be counter productive as to what you are trying to achieve. After finding your space to meditate, you now need to find a position in which you can feel comfortable and will continue to feel comfortable in for the duration of your meditation session. This is typically found either in a sitting down cross legged position or in a variety of laying down positions. Essentially, your pose isn’t as important as the comfort in which you require to meditate, so just make sure you are comfy.

Before you begin, you may feel restless, take your time to wiggle all of your joints and muscle by massaging them into a sense of rest. Start from your feet by curling your toes up then down, next your ankles, rotate your foot in circles, work your way up the body taking the time to isolate each individual part of yourself. After Reaching the face and top of your head your body will be feeling pretty chilled out and super relaxed.
You are now primed to start meditating, you have done everything necessary to start your meditation session. Play the video below, listen contently and follow the instructions, allow yourself to free yourself and really enjoy some treasured self reflection time.

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  1. Really good informative post, provides clear undertsnaing to those wishing to start out in meditation.

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