How To Make Your Shoulders Bigger

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Shoulders are amongst the most neglected muscles with new gym goers. Typically, people new to working out just want a six pack and big arms. The thing is, having these won’t actually make you look buff. What does make you look buff, is when you have broad shoulders, a wide back and a thin waist. Your shoulders are like the butt muscles of the arms, they are much bigger than your biceps and triceps and gaining mass won’t take as long. Naturally you’re going to want to work your shoulders out as often as you can. Remember we’re aiming for shoulders like boulders, before we look at how to make your shoulders bigger there’s a rule you need to stick to.

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When working out your shoulders, start from the rear delts and progress onto the middle delts, then finally to the front delts. Reason being, the whole workout is a build up to your last exercise, the shoulder press, starting from the back to the front allows the smaller shoulder muscles to get warmed up for the press. The shoulder press is the the most likely shoulder exercise to cause injury so it’s essential that we take these precautions.

This workout consists of 3 supersets. A superset is where you alternate back and forth between 2 exercises until you’ve completed the full amount of sets, usually with no rest in between.

Superset 1 – Rear Delts

3 sets 10 reps – Rear Delt Flies

3 sets 10 reps – Dumbbell Bent Over Side Lat Raises

Superset 2 – Mid Delts

3 sets 8 reps – Dumbbell Front Deltoid Raise

3 sets 10 reps – Dumbell External Rotation ( laying on your side, outer arm by your side, bent 90 degrees at the elbow, forearm across your stomach. With dumbbell in hand rotate your humerus 90 degrees away from your stomach)

Superseet 3 – Front Delts + Traps

3 sets 8 reps – Seated dumbbell Shoulder press

3 sets 8 reps – Dumbbell Shrugs


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  1. Hi,
    You have a nice explanation on how to make the shoulder bigger. I really like to do something about my shoulder.
    However it seems that the workout routines that you have suggested are using dumbbells.
    I am a person that love to do my workout activities outdoor something like freeletics, do you have any suggestion of the workout routines for people like me to follow to make my shoulder bigger?

    1. Post

      Hey Fadhil,

      I’m not an expert in freeletics as the majority of my training has been done in the gym. However, I am more than happy to answer your question to the best of my ability. First of all, you can construct a home made dumbbell by using 2 carrier bags filled with tinned food, don’t forget to double bag as well for more support, all together you need 4 carrier bags. The alternative way would be hand stand push ups, whilst leaning your legs against a wall. You could also try out, holding yourself in a downward facing dog, allow your elbows to bend to a 90 degree angle, then straighten them out again. This is the equivilant of a body weight shoulder press.

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