How To Make Your Arms Thicker

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Hey dudes, ever sat there and just thought to yourself “man I wish my arms were huge” or “dam I wish my arms looked like legs coming out from my shoulders” yeah that would be sweet wouldn’t it? The team at boss body UK has come up with some hints on tips to set you off in the right direction when your looking at how to make your arms thicker. Lets quickly get one thing out of the way, make sure you challenge yourself with the weights that you lift, and  make sure it is a struggle to complete each set.

To begin, people often think that the longer you spend working out a specific muscle, the larger it will get. This kind of makes sense to those who don’t have an understanding of health and fitness. The truth is that you can overwork your muscle and cause them to deteriorate if you work them too hard. You want to be aiming for a workout time of 35-45 minutes. This is an optimum workout zone, where your muscles are not over or under worked. Now then, to understand how to get your arms big you must first understand how your muscles grow.

Through eating enough protein, your body will be supplied with all of the nutrients necessary to grow and repair muscles. When you work out, you actually make micro tears in your muscles, this mixed with lactic acid is what makes you muscles ache when and after you workout. When your muscles heal after from being torn, the micro tears disappear and the  overall muscle becomes bigger and stronger.

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Now to draw from this knowledge and create a workout plan that will benefit your arms. Naturally the best arm exercises men need to use to get bigger arms are focused mainly on the Triceps and Biceps. Fun fact, your triceps make up for 2 thirds of your overall upper arm circumference. Your bicep only 1 third. An error a lot of rookies make is keeping the main focus around working out the biceps and ignoring the triceps. This could lead to disaster. Instead, try and couple biceps and triceps for a full days workout. Alternatively, chest and biceps work well together and so does triceps and back.

Finally, please don’t do drugs. People go around injecting Synthanol and taking steroids to try and make their muscles look bigger all the time. The Truth is, if you build your muscles the natural way, they are likely to stay for a much longer time and you will be putting your health at less risks. There’s a famous saying. “Roman wasn’t built in a day”. When building your body, you need to remember this. So exercise regularly and don’t give up on your goals. Try taking photos or talking about your journey on fitness with others. There’s a whole world of fitness enthusiasts out there just waiting to talk to you.

To recap:

  • Lift a challenging weight
  • Keep your workout 35-45 minutes
  • Workout both triceps and biceps
  • Make sure you consume enough protein
  • Don’t do drugs
  • Don’t give up
  • Talk about your progress

What’s been your most successful way of how to make your arms thicker?

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