How To Exercise The Chest

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Exercising the chest, simple right? Theoretically yes, realistically, no. The chest is a major muscle in your body, in order for your chest to look after you, you’ve got to look after your chest. There’s a bunch of dos and don’ts you need to be aware of, if you’re truly looking to maximise your chest development.

The chest is capable of 2 main movements. These are push and squeezing of the arms. For example, imagine pushing someone away from you and also imagine giving someone really tight hug. In order to maximise the growth and development of the chest, it’s key that you target both of these mechanisms during a chest workout. You can achieve this by implementing exercises such as the bench press for push and flies for squeeze.

Before lifting big on your chest, it’s important to get your muscles primed for action. I would advise you do this by performing 10 press ups before a pressing movement and also 10 zero weighted flies before squeezing movement. Doing this gets the joints limbered up and ready to do some serious lifting. It’s important you don’t waste too much energy prior to lifting because you need the energy to fuel your lifts.

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You’re now primed for your lifts. I personally recommend working on the pressing movements first, followed by the squeezing movements. Imagine your energy levels being like a battery. The further into your workout you become, the more your power level drops. Making sure you lift heaviest first utilises your power level when it’s full. Typically when I exercise my chest, I perform 3 or 4 different exercises for press and the same for squeeze. Here’s a few variations you can do for each type. Press: Bench press, incline dumbbell press, dips, negative bench press. Flies: Dumbbell flies, cable flies, chest flies (machine), Inclined chest flies.

Blasting through your Chest exercises takes no time at all. In order to make the most of your gym time, i’d advise focusing on a smaller muscle group when you’ve finished carving your chest. I usually focus on my abs or biceps. It’s important that you don’t do too much after your chest. So try to stick to one muscle. Don’t do biceps and triceps or abs and obliques. You’d be too tired and wouldn’t be making the best use of your gym time. You may make yourself too tired and actually cause damage to your muscles.

Good luck on getting your boss like chest!!!

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  1. Hi there. Nice post on chest exercises. Good advice to get the muscles limbered up before doing any really heavy weight movements. It does sound simple, that there are only two movements involved, push and squeeze. I’ve never heard it described that way, thanks, that’s easy to understand and remember. By the way, I like the looks of your webpage, very pleasing to look at. Keep up the good work. I think I’ll go exercise a bit.

    1. Post

      Ta Jim!

      When I’m writing up these posts, I try to make it simple in order for the majority of people to understand what i’m saying. Thanks for the positive feedback! If you like our posts, you can sign up via email to receive our recent posts. We usually do 3 a day.

      Have a good workout!

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