How to Drink at the Gym

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When you are training at the gym it can be confusing as to which drink is the best for you to use depending on your workout. In this post I hope to help you understand how sports drinks differ and what each one has to offer.

We shall start with creatine, unless you are taking creatine daily as part of your supplement stack then don’t bother with. If you are then make sure you either have some creatine before or after the gym for best results.

A protein shake is a good way to get protein straight to you muscles as or after you have worked out. However, ot really offering much on the energy side, protein is the good old reliable which will be sure to kick start your muscle growth and development. I would recommend you have a protein shake either before or after working out.

fastingFor me, I usually sip water whilst working out, the majority of my sessions only last 50 minutes. As well as water there are also caffeinated drinks and sports drinks.

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Caffeinated drinks have a similar effect to pre workout supplements, if you don’t know what those are, check out our post on pre workout supplements Here. Basically you will have more energy available, imagine being hyperactive for a short while. Energy drinks can give you a boost to your lifts that will help you to push yourself further than ever before.

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I would strongly advise staying away from sports drinks, these are isotonic sports drinks such as lucosade, Gatorade and Powerade. These drinks are designed for elite athletes, and unless you are performing low intensity cardio for long periods of time, they are not necessary at all. These sports drinks are high in sugars and carbs and are not particularly good for your health. However, if you are training for long periods of time, these drinks are necessary as they will replenish the lost energy and water.

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