How To Do A Press Up

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Simple yet effective, press ups workout almost your entire body. Utilising core strength training in the abs and stability training in the back, whilst working out the chest, triceps and shoulders, makes this exercise a great all rounder. 7/10 people do not know how to do a press up properly. How insane is that?

high plank

To perform a proper press up get into the high plank position (see image above), your hands planted on the floor directly beneath your shoulders pointing forwards. It is important that your back is kept straight in line with your legs at all times. You cannot allow your bum to stick up in the air or down on the floor. The repercussions of this could land you with serious back pain.

back pain

Begin to lower your body to the floor by bending your arms. Look at the floor 1 meter ahead of you, this allows the neck to be in a natural position. Lower down until your chest is nearly touching the floor, your elbows should be bent at least 90 degrees by now. Extending you arms at the elbow, press yourself back up to the starting position.

press up1

It still gets me how many people don’t know how to perform a press up. At least now you’re not one of them. The more you practice press ups, the more of them you’ll be able to perform. You will find your pecs (chest muscles) start to develop. Now you have the know how to perform a proper press up, I’d recommend you check out our post on Different press ups, to see it, click HERE.

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  1. I didn’t know that you can’t raise your rear too high, because I always thought that makes the movement more challenging. As an end result I might injure some parts of my lower back. Thank you for telling me.

    This press up techniques sounds a lot like a pushup. Are they the same things? Also how far apart do you usually position your arms on the floor. I believe that different positions trains different muscles. Can you elaborate on that?

    1. Post

      Hi Blame,

      I’m glad we’ve helped you learn today.

      Indeed press ups and push ups are the same thing, they are just named differently in different areas of the world. In England we call them press ups.

      At the bottom of the post we did mention this, there is a link to our other post that we have done today, labelled different press ups.

      Feel free to check it out!

  2. Hey bro,
    Great tutorial on how to do press ups. You really do a good job in explaining how to go about this exercise.

    I think that all this time that I have been doing press ups I had the wrong form. I will fix my form and see how it goes. I will make sure that my back does not hurt.

    1. Post

      Hi Emmanuel,

      Hope you’re having a great day! Getting back pain whilst doing press ups is a sign you are doing it wrong, a small change to your posture can have a huge effect on the condition of your health.

      Thank you for the comment!

  3. Loved your article! I’m embarrassed to admit this but I can’t even do one press up the right way or the wrong way. I don’t work out too much partly because I’m naturally thin. However, from time to time when I do exercise its good to know the right way to do it- I’m always afraid I’m going to injure my back. Thanks!

    1. Post

      Hi Hollie, thanks for dropping us a comment.

      Knowing the correct technique to use will help to prevent injury and also get you the most out of each rep.

      If you struggle to do one press up, a decent variation is to do one whilst supporting your lower body on your knees instead of your feet. The main thing is to keep your hips tucked in nice and low. Don’t have you bum up in the air. You want to your body to be straight like a plank of wood.

      You mentioned, you are naturally thin, if you ever wanted to bulk up a bit our 12 week workout plan would be ideal for you. Bye for now!

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