How To Deadlift For Beginners

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The deadlift, what a great exercise. It makes you strong like gorilla. It’s great because it activates the legs, buttocks and back, it’s a brilliant mass building exercise to add to your routine. A key exercise amongst body builders. The dead lift is an exercise consisting of walking up to a barbell rested on the floor, bending down and then picking it up.

Although the exercise itself sounds very simple, there are techniques you need to adapt in order to perform the exercise correctly and safely. Failure to do so could lead to serious injuries around the: back, neck, legs and feet. Mainly your back. Unlike your arms and legs, you only get one back, so it’s very important to look after it. It’s always good to have the know how, so we thought we’d provide a quick guide on how to deadlift for beginners.

First of all, grab a barbell and load it up with a feasible amount of weight (enough to lift whilst not being too heavy). Have the barbell laying on the floor horizontally in front of you. You’re now going to walk up to the barbell and plant you feet shoulder width apart with the middle part of your feet directly under the bar. Grab the barbell with hands shoulder width apart, it should feel quite natural. Next you need to bend you knees so that your shins touch the bar, don’t accidently shin the bar away from you though. If you’ve got this far, awesome! You’re doing great. Finally lift the chest, straighten your back and don’t drop your hips, keep the shoulder blades relaxed and remember to look forward. You should now be in this position. You’re now ready to execute your first rep. Take in a big breath of air and hold it in. Stand upright whilst keeping your back nice and straight, allow the bar to gently rub up against your shins then up over your knees. The final part is simple, all you need to do is stand up straight, you don’t want to be leaning back at all and don’t shrug your shoulders. Doing this may cause damage to your body. You should finish off in this position. deadlift finish

Thus concludes out tutorial on how to deadlift for beginners, we hope you enjoyed reading.

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