How To Boost Your Willpower

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Whether it is willpower to reach achieve a goal such as stopping smoking, or willpower to stop eating junk food. Here we shall take a look at how to boost your willpower.

YES, this is a very powerful word when it comes to willpower. Be sure you are saying yes to things which take you one step closer to the goal or goals you are looking to achieve and be sure to say no to anything which is not beneficial for you in achieving your goal.

Sticking to your goal, let’s say for example your goal is to complete a diet plan to better your health and to lose weight. If you are offered a bar of chocolate, obviously the immediate reward for this is pleasure, but the consequences are negative as they will consist of, weight gain, energy crash and disappointment as in that moment you failed to reach your goal.

To stay away from the short term reward and the long-time consequence, try to right down the disadvantages of why eating that chocolate bar is bad for your progress. Like we said earlier if your goal is to lose weight through a diet then chocolate might be written down as, headaches, bigger waist and weight gain. So next time you reach for that chocolate think of these reasons as to why you should not eat it.

Keep a planner, keeping notes and writing everything down is a fantastic way to keep track of your goals and a fantastic way to keep notice on things which could jeopardize your goal. In the early stages of a new goal it is good to know what can potentially sabotage a goal.

Switch it up, your goals will be much easier to achieve is you change up the daily routine. For example if you normally get home from work at 5pm lounge on the sofa, eat tea and then go to the gym, try switching one of those steps. Maybe go to the gym first.

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