How To Bench Press

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The bench press. The big daddy of your chest workout. A key exercise used by fitness enthusiasts and weight lifters alike. The bench press is so useful as you are expending a lot of energy per rep. The more weight that you lift per rep, the more energy you are expending. Essentially this means that you will be burning more calories and giving your chest a greater workout. The bench press targets not only your chest, but also your triceps and shoulders, making it an extremely useful tool for building upper body strength. With a few tweaks to your form you can ensure that you maximize your lift.

It’s easy to think that there’s nothing much to the execution of the bench press, after all you just lay on a bench and press a bar up in the air a few times. Let’s talk it through step by step, I’ll break it down into the starting position and ending position. Let’s learn how to bench press.

Begin by laying down on the bench facing upwards with both knees bent at 90 degree angles, make sure your feet are pointing outwards 45 degrees. Arch your back with just enough room to fit a hand underneath. Lots of people lift laying with a flat back, it’s counter productive as you are forcing your back to bend against it’s natural posture. Your now ready to grab the bar and pump out your first rep.

Grab the barbell with hands just wider than shoulder width apart, lift the barbell up by extending your arms and locking them in place. The position you are in now is the peak of your

bench press externionLower the barbell slowly towards your chest whilst breathing inwards, It’s vital that you get your breathing right. You won’t be able to lift anything near as much if your breathing isn’t timed correctly, ensure that your elbows are pointing outwards by around 75 degrees, if you point them straight out at 90 degrees as most rookies do, you are risking serious shoulder damage through impingement.

Once you have lowered down en
ough for your arms to form a 90 degree bend at the elbow you have reached the starting point of your rep. Your should also have a full inhalation of air right now.bench press flexion

When you are ready to performa rep, prepare for what is about to happen. You’re going to extend your arms upwards to reach the peak of your rep position whilst breathing outwards.

Repeat this process in order to fulfill the amount of reps you are aiming for on the bench press.

There are tonnes of variation of  on the bench press, for now we thought it best to build your knowledge on the fundamental bench press execution. You may see further posts about the bench press appear in the future.

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