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It can often be hard to choose the healthy option when you are either rushed onto a lunch break from work and you are surrounded by fast food chains. Here we shall take a look at some of the best healthy snacks to eat selected from the Boss Body UK website.


Blueberries, these little miracles are a real treat of summer, sweet and full of nutrients. They can be picked straight from the bush and eaten at their freshest and can also be incorporated into tons of recipes. These are a quick easy snack to eat on the go or store in the fridge at work. Remember eating healthy does not mean you have to cook a lean meal every time. Why not try mixing blue berries in with some low fat yoghurt. Check out the health benefits of blueberries by clicking here.


Oats, including oats in your diet provides many important benefits for your health, from athletic performance, blood pressure control, cancer preventer and bowel function, overall oats can help your general health and wellbeing. Oats are another great contender for this list as they can be stored on a desk and have a very long life on them. Oats are great for releasing a steady flow of energy throughout the day, helping you to feel more awake and alert. Click here to check out all the health benefits of Oats. You could also add blueberries or other berries of your choosing to oats, to give you an additional boost.


Raspberries, they are one on the healthiest berries that you can eat, perhaps even the healthiest than any other fruit. They contain more vitamin c than an orange, high in fibre and extremely low in calories as well as having a good level of folic acid. Raspberries are also a fantastic source of Calcium, Potassium and Vitamin A. The raspberry originates from Scotland where it has been eaten since prehistoric times; surprisingly raspberries are also a member of the rose family. With so much goodness found in a berry so small, it is no surprise that we have added these to the list of healthy snacks to eat. Want to see all of these health benefits? Click here.


Papaya, Needless to say papaya fruit is a bit of an acquired taste and not everybody’s favourite, but for those who have developed a love for this exotic fruit will struggle to get by without digging into one of these juicy orange fleshed treats.  What tends to put most people off Papaya is a very mild but bitter after taste that comes with a bite of this sweet juicy fruit. If you cannot handle it on its own try mixing it in to a fruit bowl and reap some of the health benefits of papaya fruit. This is something we strongly recommend you read more about, click here to find out more. Having a papaya fruit can be a bit messy, so have a tissue handy. Consuming papaya fruit is a simple as cutting it in half scraping out the seeds and spoon feeding yourself.

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Peaches, There are numerous health benefits of peaches that many people do not know about. These fuzzy fruits help to nourish the body and protect it against cancerous diseases, help in protecting the heart and aiding in weight loss. This thirst quenching fruit is the last sweet snack to add to the list. To find out the anti-cancer properties click here.


We hope this have given you some great healthy snack ideas. Do you wish to contribute to this post? Why not leave a comment below? Thank you for visiting Boss Body Uk.

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