Healthy Snacks For At The Cinema

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Everyone loves a trip to the cinema, who wouldn’t? You get to see the latest blockbuster films with your favourite actors in them. But let’s face it; trips to the Cinema are not as cheap as they use to be, especially in England. The ticket is nine pounds the popcorn and drink combo is twelve pounds which all adds up. You may have come across this website either because you are looking to save money, or you want to save money and eat healthy. Here we shall look at some healthy snacks for at the cinema.

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 Sunflower seeds, these little beauties are great for eating whilst watching the big game and a healthier alternative to popcorn. This plant is native to North America and has become a staple to many cultures around the world. Small but mighty sunflower seeds are packed full of minerals, vitamins and healthy oils. As well as being a fantastic easy to eat on the go snack, sunflower seeds offer a variety of health benefits. For a full list of health benefits of sunflower seeds click here.


Blueberries, these are a real treat of summer, sweet and full of nutrients. They can be picked straight from the bush and eaten at their freshest and can also be incorporated into tons of recipes. Blueberries are a nice quick snack which can be easily consumed in the cinema too. Plus you will be doing your body a big favour, click here to see all the benefits of blueberries.


Dried apricots, they are not the biggest of fruits available however; do not let their size fool you. Apricots contain a very low amount of fat and pack a lot of fibre, as well as containing a good dose of essential vitamins. Just one apricot contains a very low 60 calories. Dried apricots make for another great cinema friendly snack, click here to see the full health benefits of apricots.


Olives, they are a bit of an acquired taste; however there are a lot of health benefits olives can provide us with. Olives are the true taste of the Mediterranean and have been linked to reducing the risks of heart disease as well as the risks of cancer. The great thing about olives is they make for an easy cinema snack. Click here to look at the health benefits of olives.

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Cranberries, they are not to everybody’s taste some find them rather bitter with a dry after taste however; a lot of us cannot get enough of these little red berries of goodness. It is a shame that so many people do not like cranberries as they are one of the richest antioxidant filled berries. Cranberries contain more antioxidants ounce for ounce than that of any of the other super foods such as; spinach, green tea and blueberries. Click here to see all the benefits of cranberries.


There are so many healthy popcorn alternatives, have a search through our site and have a look. The ones we listed are some of the easiest to take to the cinema in our opinion.


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