Healthy Foods Lose Weight To

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Healthy Foods Lose Weight To

When people are looking to lose a little bit of weight it can very often be a struggle. There are so many things people get told to eat and do throughout the day to help increase the chances of weight loss. Here we shall list some healthy foods lose weight to, such as a few of our favourite foods we have discussed on the site for keeping you feeling fuller for longer as well as being great tasting, because let’s face it nobody is a fan of eating rabbit food. First things first, click the link here and take a look at our 12 week challenge, now we are not saying you have to do this, but if you do, get ready to be in the best form of your life in 12 weeks. Best of all, our programme is free along with a meal plan and home workout exercises if you are not a fan of gyms.  What we would like you to do is weigh yourself and take a look at the phase one meal plan to get a rough idea of how many meals you should be eating on a daily basis.


If you are just looking to slim down and lose few pounds we recommend just changing out some of the unhealthy snacks you might eat through the day such as chocolate, biscuits and fast food and replacing them with some healthy alternatives. If you want to see big time results we suggest the 12 week challenge with the meal plan to coincide with that, so click here.

12 week challenge or a few healthy snack substitutes? It’s your choice. As promised here are some of our favourite foods to snack on whilst watching your weight.

Peanuts – a food that is very often mistaken for being a fat builder however, peanuts contain a high amount of healthy fats known as monounsaturated fat. Click here to see all the benefits peanuts can do for your body.


Blueberries – another great treat of summer high in antioxidants great at fighting free radicals in the body and stopping the craving for sugary snacks. Click here to see all the benefits.


Raspberries – these are by far one of the healthiest berries available and for very good reason; they are great for women’s health, blood circulation, dementia prevention and much more. Click the link here for more information.


We did a little bit of digging and also found some great sites separate to ours with some great tips and tricks why not check them out here?

So there are our top 3 fat fighting healthy foods there are hundreds on our site to choose from so don’t just go for our favourites, be adventurous and try the ones that work for you and your taste buds. Just to throw a bit more of a mystical healthy snack in to the mix, why not try papaya fruit? This is a godly food, check it out here.

Thank you for visiting Boss Body UK and if you do decide to take our 12 week challenge get in touch with myself Mitch or Jake for further help and advice.

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