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Healthy and alcohol doesn’t sound like it goes together, however, there are ways that you can drink alcohol and it not be as bad for you. Recently I’ve come across different drinks in which the calorific content is kept to a minimum without sacrificing the flavour of the beverage.

Walking through the supermarket down the alcohol section I walked past an assortment of sparkling waters. Not only were these waters sparkling, they came in a variety of flavours. Next to zero sugars and next to zero calories, I was dumb founded. spark

Since then it’s been about a week and I’ve been drinking 2 litres a day of these flavours sparkling waters. Truly amazing, you don’t have to have them with alcohol, however, mixed with gin or rum these drinks are truly delicious. The sparkling water still delivers the necessary water content that you need each day, if you find tap water quite plain and tasteless, flavoured sparkling waters are the way forward.


Not just sparkling water, if you are wanting to drink whilst trying to be healthy, why not have a protein shake with a couple of shots of Baileys or Tia maria. This way you are still getting the nutrients you require from your protein shake whilst also consuming alcohol. This makes for a lovely creamy beverage with a hint of alcohol. I’d highly recommend you try it at least once to see if it’s for you. If you are a fan of milkshakes, it probably is for you.

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