Health Benefits of Red Wine

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Wine has been around since before Christ, proving that it is a very old drink indeed. There are severaal references to wine in the bible and today, red wine is consumed as the representation of the blood of Christ during mass. Also it’s consumed mainly along side red meat. There is an old saying that goes “a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor at bay” although wine contains alcohol, there still may be some truth behind this saying, here i’m going to share with you the health benefits of red wine.

Red wine

Memory protection, The antioxidant resveratrol, protects your memory by aiding to prevent cell damage in the brain that could lead to memory loss or even alzheimers disease.

Healthy Heart, 1 glass of red wine a day promotes a healthy heart, the resveratrol again comes in handy by being responsible for healthy heart benefits such as improved performance and physical strength.

Prevents Cancer, Quercetin, another antioxidant found in red wine is known to help prevent cancer in the body, it works against the cancer cells by inducing natural cell death amongst them. There is not a lot known about this process, however, it is known to be pretty effective against colon cancer cells.

Longer Life, Want to live forever? Sorry you’re not god, however the consumption of red wine can prolong your life. Red wine drinks have a mortality rate which is 34% lower than that of a spirit or beer drinker. Again looking at the resveratrol within the red wine, it is a polyphenol, researchers have found any diet rich in polyphenol, will aid you in living longer, polyphenol’s protect against the development of chronic diseases. This could be a reason as to why yo umay live longer drinking red wine.

Less Risk of Heart and Stroke issues, Tannins, the things that colours the red wine red, contain procyanidins, these are known for aiding the prevention of heart disease. Resveratrol also helps to remove chemicals which cause blood clots, these are the main cause of heart disease. A daily dose of red wine, will slash blood clot related stroke chances by 50%. Boom, so much.

To summarise, it is true that saying, a glass of red wine a day will most certainly keep the doctor at bay.

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