Health Benefits Of Meditating

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Meditation is the art form of sitting still and concentrating on your mind. There can be many objectives to meditation, relaxation is quite often a result. Long term benefits of meditation are not quite clear, however there are several short term benefits that have been documented. So what are the health benefits of meditating?

Whilst meditating, you heart rate starts to drop and your breathing deepens, this leads to lower blood pressure, improved circulation, less perspiration, less stress and less anxiety. This leads to a deeper relaxation and may cause feelings of a deeper well being.It is worth saying that the purpose of meditation is not to reap the health benefits, as a yogi would tell you, the purpose of meditation is simply to be present. In Buddhist philosophy, the greatest benefit of meditation is freedom of the mind from attachment to things that it cannot control. A free minded Buddhist no longer clings to desires or things they cannot control. Instead maintains a calmness of the mind and a strong sense of inner balance.If you think you may be interested in trying out meditation, feel free to check out our beginners guide HERE, where you can find more information and a 115 minute video that takes you on a guided meditation. There are lots of types of meditation, if you are interested in knowing about the different types please click HERE.

If you would like to read from another source, check out the Gaiam Life website, we’ve used it personally ourselves here at Boss Body UK, and would strongly recommend it to you. Click HERE to find out more.

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