Health Benefits Of Cashews

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Cashew nuts are one of the most flavour filled nuts available around the world, with high amounts of protein, even more reason to enjoy this tasty little nut. Here we shall take a look at the health benefits of cashews.


Cancer preventative, Proanthocyanidins which are present in cashew nuts help to fight tumour cells in the body by preventing them from dividing. Both proanthocyanidins and copper which are present in cashew nuts help fight off cancerous cells and reduce the risks of colon cancer.

Heart health, cashew nuts have a very low fat content compared to that of the likes of peanuts which contain great levels of healthy monounsaturated fat, click here to see the health benefits of peanuts. Cashew nuts do contain great levels oleic acid which is great for the hearts health. They are high in antioxidants and contain no cholesterol, which is great to prevent the chances of heart disease.

Helping the hair, copper is abundant within cashew nuts and is a very essential mineral that helps to give your hair its colour. I wish I knew this before the greys kicked in on my black hair at the age of nineteen.  

Bone health, just like calcium found in milks and cheese’s, magnesium is another essential mineral present in cashew nuts which is crucial for bone health.

Healthy Nerves, Magnesium is stored on the surface of the body’s bones, this helps to prevent calcium entering the nerve cells throughout the body, which in turn helps the muscles and blood vessels to relax. Having a lack of magnesium in a human’s diet can result in calcium entering the blood vessels, which in turn can raise the body’s blood pressure and cause migraines.

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