Exercise Ball Exercises

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The exercise ball has many uses, if you are interested in reading about the benefits of the exercise ball check it out HERE. If you have an exercise ball you may be curious as to what kinds of exercises you can perform on it or using it. Here you can find a handful of exercise ball exercises.

Press ups – You can perform varying press ups using an exercise ball. Balancing your legs upon the ball perform a press up. If you’d like to make it easier, balance on the ball with higher parts of your legs.

ball rucnh

Crunches – Laying on the floor with your legs clinching the ball perform a crunch, this activate more of your abs than a normal crunch and provides a nice variation.

Hip Raise – Laying on the ball with two feet planted on the floor, allow your butt to drop down. This is your resting position. Proceed to raise your hips so that your body becomes parallel to the ground with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle.

ball squat

Squats – Standing with your back to the wall, wedge the exercise ball between yourself and the wall. Squat down keeping a straight back. To increase the difficulty, try holding dumbbells whilst you do this.

Sky Diver – Laying face down on the ball, allow your body to curve around the ball. Proceed to arch your back so that you enter a position similar to that of a sky diver. This exercise will target your back.

There’s 5 simple exercises that will kick start your exercise ball workout routine. If you would like to contribute with more exercise ideas, feel free to comment in the comments section below. Thanks for visiting Boss Body UK.


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