Exercise Ball Benefits

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Ball is life. Ball is great. The exercise ball has many uses. Not only is it fun to launch at your loved ones or run into walls with, it also comes in really useful as part of an exercise program.

The exercise ball can be used to help train your balance. Practising balancing on the ball with help to train your core balancing skills, this will effect things in your day to day life, having a better sense of balance will lead to better self preservation. I find balance to be under rated, balance really helps prevent accidents and contributes massively towards your health.


You can use an exercise ball also like a bench. It will not quite have the same effect as using a bench to perform exercises on, however, it works better than not having anything at all. The exercise ball even comes in handy as a counter balance if you are wanting to perform harder sit ups.

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 22, 2009

Exercise balls are generally cheap and you can find them from most sporting goods shops. Usually costing no more than £15 it is a cheap buy that would make a fine addition to your home workout equipment. There are many different brands of ball, all I would advise is don’t go for the very cheapest. Reason being, the cheapest ones have been known to burst under peoples body weight. They are easy to pack away and easy to store, deflating to such a small size that it practically won’t take up any space at all.

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