Easy Mocktail Reciepes

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When drinking with friends you may want to consider alcohol free options, this doesn’t mean you are to drink water or fizzy pop all night. There are a variety of mocktails (non alcoholic cocktails), that are really delicious in flavour, here is a list of some easy mocktail reciepes.

Blueberry burst –  Blueberry juice, apple juice, elder flower cordial, soda and ice.

Strawberry Sweetness – Strawberry puree, lime juice, crushed sugar , elder flower cordial, vanilla syrup, soda and ice.


Mock Mojito – Mint leaves and crushed sugar, dash of apple juice, squeezed lime juice, soda and ice.

raspberry mocktail

Ravishing Raspberry – Fresh raspberries, mint leaves, dash of apple juice, strawberry puree, soda and ice.

Tropical Tongue Tickler – Pineapple, orange, passion fruit juice, squeezed lemon and lime, soda and ice.


Pino colada – Pineapple and orange juice, squeezed lime and coconut water either blended with crushed ice or served with cubes.

These drinks will be alcohol free, however still try not to drink too many of them, they are still of course extremely high in sugar, excessive sugar consumption has been found to counteract weight loss. These drinks are just ideas on what you could have if you were out with your friends at a cocktail bar. It’s all about having everything in moderation and making sure you don’t have too much of the same thing. Here’s a tip, if you are out having mocktails with your friends. Perhaps you could space each mocktail with a glass of water or soda as to reduce the amount of total sugar you will be consuming. Not only will this benefit your overall health, it will also be lighter on your bank balance too.

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