Different Types Pull Ups

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Being really great for your back and biceps, the pull up is a fantastic body weight exercise. A pull up is not just limited to a regular pull up. There are many different ways you can perform this exercise. Find that each variation distributes the work load amongst various muscle groups, thus enabling you to activate targeted muscle growth on isolated muscles around the body.

Please be aware that some of these exercises are very demanding on the body, an alternative to full body weight pull up exercises, would be found using the assisted pull up machine.

pull wide grip

Wide Grip – Wide grip pull ups focus less on the biceps and more on the lats. Grip the bar as wide as you feel comfortable.

pull close grip

Close Grip – Focusing more on the lower lats, hands spaced 6 – 8 inches apart.

pull parallel

Parallel Bar Pull up – Grip with both hands facing each other, this focuses more upon the biceps. The bicep focus is between standard pull ups and close grip pull ups.

pull underhand

Under Hand “Chin Ups” – Using an underhand grip allows for more focus upon the biceps and less on your back.

When training using pull ups you may find it becoming increasingly easy to bust out 10 reps. When you get to this point, you may need to consider adding weights in order to make it more difficult. I would recommend using a weight belt with a chain. This way you can attach free weights to the chain to give you that extra resistance. If you are interested in a weight belt click HERE.

What’s your favourite type of pull up? Comment below!

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  1. Other types of pull ups? I would be happy if I can do 10 normal ones…I am now only at 5. What do you call the type where you have to jerk your body to get over the bar? It would be a dream to achieve that without injuring myself.

    1. Post

      Hey Raz,

      Anyone who is able to do 10+ pull ups will have been in your position at one point. Being able to do 5 reps is a good start. You just need to keep working on it. Over time you will get stronger. The pull up you are thinking of is called a muscle up. These are incredibly difficult and take a heck of a lot of strength. To work at a muscle up should be a long term goal and as with everything will come in time.

      I hope this helped. Thanks for the comment!!!

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