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If you  have come to this page, I am assuming you  know how to meditate and understand briefly what meditation is about. If for any reason you don’t quite know what it’s about I would recommend you visit our page on how to meditate for beginners. You can do this by clicking HERE.

There are many different practises to meditation, you can aim to improve your focus and concentration, you can aim to relieve stress or even aim to let go of certain emotional feelings that you have at present. It’s not 100% about being in the moment and practising clearing your mind. There is also Transcendental meditation too that focuses on unlocking your mind. In this different types of meditation post I’m going to post links to videos that provide either music or guided meditation for the aforementioned topic of meditation.

Before sleep Guided mediation, this is to realign your body, mind and spirit before the end of the day.

If you are interested/ curious in finding your spirit guide and what he/she may be.

To ease anxieties, worries or negative energies. 10 Minute guided meditation

If you find that you are laying in bed and your mind is racing, this instrumental will help to calm down your mind and change your state into one of calmness.

Perhaps you have a bit of anger that has built up over time. Here is a guided meditation that will assist you in letting go of your anger. I found it particularly useful. In the past I have acted on my anger and it never brought me anything good. This video assists you in finding alternatives and exploring your emotions.

That’s it for now. If we receive interest through our meditation pages we will consider expanding on the section by offering many more videos, music and information. Namaste guys!

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  1. As someone with many years experience, this gives a good and broad range in which various types of meditation can be used for various things such as dealing with anxiety and depression, catering to more spiritual matters such as meeting spirit guides and right down to simple brain wave or bineural beat sessions.

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