Different Press Ups

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If you don’t know how to do a press up, I would advise you check out our press up tutorial by clicking HERE. After you have learned to do a press up properly, you may be curious as to what other variations of the press up you can do and how each variation compliments different areas of the body.

Here I’m going to show you different press ups that you can try out today. Each different press up will benefit a specific part of the body. I hope you learn something from reading this.wide grip press upWide Grip – More on chest less on triceps and shoulders, assume the normal press up position, slide your hands so they become wider apart, Make sure you still have room to allow your elbows to bend 90 degrees.press up narrowNarrow Grip – This focuses more on your triceps and shoulders, position your hands closer together, if you can form a diamond with your thumbs and index fingers that’s ideal. press up clapClap Press Up –  As you reach the peak of your  push up, launch yourself up into the air and clap your hands together. This variation builds explosive strength.press up spidermanSpider-man Push Up – Bring one knee to the same side elbow as you lower your body down, this exercise makes it much harder on your core. press up leg raisedIncluding a regular press up, you now know 5 kinds of press ups. It’s possible to increase intensity of the press up without adding any extra weight. Try elevating your feet, the higher your feet are in the air as you perform a press up, the more weight is being put on your upper body, this in turn makes it much harder to execute. End game press ups are hand stand press ups. For an alternative way of increasing the intensity try holding one leg up in the air whilst you perform the press ups, switch legs for each set so there is equal distribution.press ups feet elevated

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  1. When I was a kid in PE, they were known as push ups and were done like the animated image at the top of the post. Unfortunately, I have pain in my left arm and feel it from time to time. Do you think there is a press up I could do that wouldn’t impose additional pain on that arm? Maybe there is some other exercise that could help me?

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      Hi Kevin,

      In England we refer to them as press ups and in the U.S.A they are more commonly known as push ups. They mean the same thing. Maybe press up means you press the earth up and push up is you push yourself up. Aha who knows.

      If you suffer from a pain in your left arm I would first of all suggest you see a doctor to find out if it is anything serious or not. After consultation, you could perform knee press ups, instead of supporting your loweer body with your feet whilst performing press ups, why not try kneeling down. This immediately takes off about 33% of the pressure you are working against.

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