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Most women want to have an impressive chest. There are chest exercises women can perform in order to enhance the appearance of their breasts. The chest muscles are categorized by lower mid and upper chest muscles.  Women do not particularly need to exercise the upper chest muscles, if any thing, having well developed upper chest muscles will make you look rather masculine.  The chest exercises woman would benefit the most from are, decline chest press, decline flies and also dips. These are outlined below.

decline press                 decline press 2

Decline chest press –  The decline chest press helps to develop the lower chest muscles providing support for you breasts. Using either a barbell or dumbbells, lay on a declined bench so your feet are higher up than your head. Hold the weight at the side of your head with both arms bent. Take a deep breath and extend your arms upwards. Hold at the top for one second and return. Repeat this for 10 reps and perform 3 sets.

dumbell flies                    decline press

Decline Chest flies – This one encourages development of the lower and middle chest muscles. Start by laying down on a decline bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand and allow your arms to stick out to the side (as if you were on a crucifix). Keeping straight arms, you are now going to bring your arms together so they are pointing to the ceiling. Hold at the top for one second and return. Repeat this for 10 reps and perform 3 sets.


Dips – Another awesome exercise for engaging the lower and middle chest muscles. Support your weight on a dip stand with arms extended at the elbow. To perform a rep, allow your elbow to bend to a 90 degree bend, then return back to the starting position. Alternatively, if this is too difficult to do, support your weight by sitting horizontally on a bench. Stick both feet out together on the floor, put your hands by your side (on the bench) and allow your bum to slide off. Bend your elbows to allow your bum to lower down, then straighten your elbows to return to the start. For this exercise we recommend 8-12 reps and 3 sets.

We know these are the chest exercises women need to help nurture healthy looking breasts. Get nurturing your breasts today!

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