Can I Improve My Balance

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Balance is something often over looked by the majority of fitness enthusiasts. Not really yogis, but definitely the average gym goer. You may often think to yourself “Can I Improve My Balance” Well, the answer is yes of course. As with most things, the longer time you spend practising your balance, the greater you will become at it. Right now you may be the clumsiest and most unbalanced person ever to have ever lived. With the daily practise of a handful of positions you will be able to start upping your balancing game.

Balance is something that is used mostly subconsciously, however, if you are to concentrate on your balance you are then able to consciously train it. Similar to training your flexibility, you are required to hold a position for an extended amount of time. A position that may be easy to get in to, yet hard to hold. Below you will find examples of different positions you can hold yourself in order to improve your balance. I would advise practising these positions every day in order to see the fastest results. If the pose is on one leg, or one arm, don’t forget to switch feet and arms when you are done.

tree pose

Tree Pose – Standing on one leg, with the free foot rested against the inner thigh of the planted leg. Raise your arms above head. To make this harder try to look up at the ceiling.

high lunge

High Lunge – Lunge forward on one leg, holding your body upright raise your arms above head. To make this harder try to look up at the ceiling.

half moon

Half Moon – This position is essentially the position you enter right before you perform a cart wheel. Have one foot planted firmly on the ground along with your hand from the same side. Your torso should nearly be parallel with the ground. With your free hand, point it up to the sky. Both arms should be forming a straight line. Hold your free foot up in the air, slightly higher than your torso.

chair pose

Chair Pose – With your feet firmly together, bend your knees and allow your butt to go backwards. Imagine you are just about to sit on a chair. Hold your arms above head and join the palms.


Head Stand – Standing on your head, use your hands to distribute some of the weight. To perform a more advanced version of this, try holding the back of your head with your hands and allow your elbows to share the weight distribution.

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