Butt Exercises That Work Fast

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I know that when it comes to working out, there’s no real way to see results fast. However, the butt is a huge muscle and there is a large diversity of exercises we can perform in order to target all parts of the butt. If you perform these exercises every 2 days, whilst working out 5 times a week and eating clean, you will see tremendous results. We’ve labeled the 5 best butt exercises that work fast in order to get you that bootylicious butt you’ve always wanted.

standing squat                   bent squat

Squat – Best, first. Squats are probally the best exercise you can do to shape up your butt and legs. They are the holy grail of leg day. Click HERE to see our in depth look at squats.

hip lift

Hip Lift – Lay down facing upwards, lift up your knees and allow your feet come inwards to support them. Keep your arms straight by your side. You are now in the starting position. You’re going to lift your hips by thrusting them at the ceiling. When you reach the peak of your rep, hold for 1 second and return back down. To make this more difficult, at the peak of your rep extend one of your legs out straight and hold for 5 second. Do this then alternate legs on future reps.

Explosive Lunges – Taking the lunge position, prepare yourself for an explosive outburst, you are going to lump up into the air and land with your feet in alternative positions. When you land it will be as if your feet have swapped places. This is a killer butt and leg workout.

Back leg extension

Rear Leg Raise –  The back leg raise can be performed whilst standing or on the floor. We would advise you do it on the floor, not only is it more of a physical lift, but also you are less likely to fall over and hurt yourself. Sprawl on the floor with your hands and knees, take it in turns to raise each leg up behind you as far as it will go. When you foot reaches the peak of it’s height, try to hold the pose for a second before returning to the starting position.

donkey kick

Donkey Kicks – Very similar to the rear leg raise, the donkey kick is an ideal exercise to implement into your hardcore butt workout. Trust me, after 40 of these on each leg, your butt will be begging you to stop. This exercise works out, the lower back, butt and ham strings.

How do you shape up your Butt?

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