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Recently a post was created, providing information on plyometric training. If you don’t know what plyometric training is then I’d recommend you check that out first HERE.

Following this information I thought I’d provide a workout focused on the concepts of plyometric training. Please be aware that this workout would not be considered as true plyometric training, more so it’s framework is built around that which is of the american style of plyometric training. For best results, this training is best undertaken in the form of HIIT training.


This workout can be performed as a circuit or also by completing each individual exercise with the execution of 3 sets. Personally I would recommend that with this training, performing a circuit would work best. Remember, the objective of this exercise is to increase power and explosive strength, it’s not about isolating specific muscles.

If you decided to do circuits, try to perform a full circuit without any rest. Take a 2 minute rest after each circuit.

8 reps Alien Squat, squat down whilst taking off extend your legs outwards similar to a jumping jack, keep hands on hips

10 reps Box Jump

6 reps Drop Push, with your hands on stels

8 reps Burpee/ Burpee Pull up (alternating, 8 reps total)

8 reps Rocket Jump

6 reps Clapping Push Up

8 reps Standing Long Jump

If you are doing circuits, try performing 4 circuits, if you are performing sets, try and perform 4 sets. This workout should take around 30 minutes to complete.

If you’d like to contribute to this post, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below. Thank you for visiting Boss Body UK.

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